The Plugable HDMI to VGA adapter that is active offers a much needed connect to the last.

With old monitors and projectors with only a VGA input, but your fancy new computer is missing a VGA output, this cable can solve the problem without the need of a large adapter or bulky converter if you find yourself. Our HDMI to VGA converter cable provides a straightforward solution that is active linking your older monitors to more recent computer systems.

This HDMI to VGA is definitely a cable that is active. The difference between active and passive adapters determines whether or not too adapter is yourtravelmates mobile site wonderful for your preferences. If you attempt to create an HDMI cable up up to a VGA monitor utilizing passive adapters (an adapter without any chipset inside it), or utilizing numerous adapters, like incorporating an HDMI to DVI adapter in addition to a DVI to VGA adapter to ultimately achieve the HDMI to VGA transformation, you most likely won’t be successful using this setup. That is because of HDMI being truly a signal that is digital whereas VGA is an analog sign. Our Plugable HDMI to VGA active adapter cable is constructed with an interior CH7101A Chipset, letting you link your HDMI laptop computer up to a VGA projector or monitor.

Please be aware that VGA is certainly not with the capacity of holding a sound sign, plus the adapter cable will likely not transfer sound.


  • HDMI to VGA
  • Active cable
  • 6ft 1.8m this is certainly( size
  • Durable PVC Vinyl cable
  • Original cable design that is flat
  • Aids a resolution that is maximum of x 1080 (60Hz)
  • CH7101A Chipset