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David J. Stewart Promotes Adultery

As David J. Stewart has eliminated the “DaveE9th” dating profile pointed out below in an evident try to get rid of the contradictions pointed down in this website. This is anticipated, needless to say. We now have utilized screenshots to archive the contradictions so they really would stay right here even in the event he tries to change the information. Eliminating the dating profile does maybe perhaps not, however, get rid of the contradictions which were made.

David J. Stewart does continue to have an alternate relationship profile on an abundance of Fish. He goes on the username “DaveoGuam”. The fact that David still uses Plenty of Fish (which makes money from advertising the sex personals site Adult Friend Finder) is still a contradiction of his condemnation of adultery as outlined in the original post below though the rock music contradictions are not currently present in that profile. (more…)