8 Strange Issues You Need To Ask Your Lesbian Friends (And Solutions Which Means You Not Any Longer Have To!)

Recently I is resting in my usual coffee shop combined with my best buddy who, bless the lady, looked over me personally mid-conversation and requested, point blank: ever gone down on an unusual smelling pussy? Very brunch grabbed surprise change. But she is a curious little kitten, I really answered each of her apparently pushing questions relating to the secure of girl loving.

To get completely sincere, this can ben’t strange. I will be off to my loved ones and pals and colleagues, and they also do only make inquiries now and then– mostly innocently, because they’re curious. I am bisexual, though I fall much more “gay” about spectrum than i really do directly, and regardless I hate to label it, but you know, culture and crap. So folks have countless questions relating to that as well: could you be sure’s genuine? Will you be in a phase? Might you become gay or straight as soon as you develop? (more…)