Precisely what does poz suggest on grindr. There are a great number of men Ia€™ve already been willing to screw, yesterday evening we examined another one from the checklist

There are a great number of dudes Ia€™ve started willing to shag, last night we inspected another from the list. This guy trapped in my mind simply because he’d told me at some stage in days gone by he was actually poz, although not on medications. While we will think that guys who state theya€™re invisible really are no less than quite near to invisible, you never actually know that which youa€™re getting when men have a€?Ask Mea€? or a€?Negativea€? in their users, when they will have a€?Poza€? within users you dona€™t discover whether theya€™re undetectable and shooting blanks or large viral load and dangerous as crap. The doubt just comes with the territory. What i’m saying is, with HIV criminalization rules in essence in lot of areas ita€™s not surprising that everyone arena€™t initial with the real HIV condition a€“ specially when theya€™re highest viral burden poz along these lines man. (more…)