Cougars on university: The Pros and downsides of relationships Younger males

Models like Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz, Ivana Trump, and Linda Hogan all have seen appreciable people much more than several years their unique junior. As we grow older variations occasionally forcing 20, and even 30 years, these people naturally never read (or at a minimum, never ever accompanied) the “Never big date any person under half your age plus seven” formula.

If you’re men whom appreciates an old lady nevertheless, no need to fly to Entertainment, there are certainly cougars prowling your personal college campus.

Who happen to be the Cougars?

According to Dr. Fayr Barkley, an individual habit investigation Knowledgeable and puma knowledgeable, usually, a cougar try lady who is avove the age of 40, who dates a man 7 or greater a very long time the woman junior. (more…)