I attract a decent amount to me- and donaˆ™t understand why? Exactly what do they demand?

I am 11 many years over the age of my husband and now we have-been along for a very long time

My personal last love was actually 13 ages younger than myself. He’s sunlight, mars and venus in cancer tumors square saturn in aries. Taurus rising and my personal scorpio sun/saturn conjunction rests in his 7th household. My 5th is aries which holds his satun and trines my moonlight which comes inside the eighth household and greater trine to my venus. 4/10 for him is actually sun/uranus (or saturn). My saturn conjunct their moon. Thus plenty saturn there. Got determined to keep from younger guys after your and also have started interested in people older. Then today another man more youthful by 12 ages professed their thoughts in my situation.

Iaˆ™m a Virgo with Scorpio moon and ascendant. I additionally bring Venus in Leo opposite Saturn in Aquarius,Saturn within the fourth residence,and Venus during the tenth quarters conjunct the MC. In addition Pluto and Saturn dominating. This seems pretty accurate. A lot of men i love include 5-10 years more mature. We in some way find them a lot more actually appealing for whatever reason.

tenth house stellium in capricorn sunshine moonlight merc, saturn 1st quarters trine to venus= two husband several years older than me personally. first matrimony got 20 years, 2nd we dated for 8 many years first then married after the guy resigned. (more…)