How to publish A Source-based Essay for Praxis Core Writing

There are two main essay prompts during the final end of this Praxis Core composing Exam. The very first prompt asks one to write on your individual viewpoints. The essay that is second you to definitely talk about the views of other people. In this 2nd Source-based essay, you’ll read two passages concerning the exact same problem. The passages will likely to be compiled by various writers whom hold conflicting views in regards to the issue.

The problems into the Source-based Essay have become just like the issues raised in the Argumentative Essay. Both in cases, you’ll be expected to create about an essential issue that is social some individuals could find controversial—something like worldwide warming, copyright restrictions, minimal wage, how exactly to assist the homeless, and so forth. But unlike the essay that is argumentative the source-based essay does not ask for the individual viewpoint. rather, you just need certainly to summarize the viewpoints associated with two passage writers.

Numerous test-takers find summarization become a little easier than picking out an opinion that is original.

certainly, the job of selecting and protecting an impression on a societal that is important be intimidating. But summarizing numerous sources poses unique challenges too. Let’s take a good look at just just just what you’ll need certainly to do.

Challenge no. 1: having the known facts right

Unless your essay response does not deal with the subject after all, there’s no thing that is such a entirely “right” or “completely “wrong” response regarding the Praxis Core essays. Nonetheless, you are able to summarize the details through the passages in a manner that will be” that is“wrong the eyes associated with the ETS scorers who review your Source-based Essay.

While you summarize both readings, be cautious to not misinterpret what’s being stated. (more…)