The Hanged enjoys an astrological commitment with Taurus. This cards are displayed from the figure.

This is certainly the tarot notes which contains much more secret. They gift suggestions a lot of duality, since likewise its straightforward, it presents a rather intricate face, and even though they appeals to, it is also unsightly, it is therefore said from it that it is very contrary and signifies the paradox that looks in our lives During numerous times.

Its a page that shows facts but with reverse factors concealed within.

The Hanged try displayed as a letter for which we want to function but we have to hold off to get it done. This contradiction can help all of us see everything we are seeking. Regarding really love planes this means the circumstance will remain extremely stable while in the next months.

The page associated with the Hanged, right, also represents individual compromise, rebirth, difficult circumstances of breaking, browse and solution to problematic, and inverted can represent demise unintentionally, unjust accusations and tasks which happen to be busted.

One of the keys keywords of this letter are: compromise, heroism, renunciation, initiation and atonement

In the event it looks near the Devil, this means risk of insanity, when it is beside the Sun, unforeseen chance, assuming really next to La Torre, an illness. (more…)