Tender fast contains the preservatives sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate, which work at preventing microbial development whenever curing meats for a long time. It really is a not a meat tenderizer, and may never be utilized at greater amounts.

What exactly is Tender Quick Employed For? How can you make use of Tender Quick?

Tender fast is formulated as a curing salt, and possesses a few high quality salts as well as other components.

It can be utilized to cure chicken, meat, game, salmon, sablefish, shad, and that can be utilized for dry along with sweet pickle curing.

Tender fast and Morton sugar Cure can be utilized interchangeably, where both are thought fast cures, nevertheless the latter includes dextrose, and a packet of spice mix.

Both items are perhaps not seasonings or meat tenderizers, and aren’t interchangeable along with other meat curing services and products such as for example Cure number 1 or Cure # 2.

Before making use of Tender Quick, you ought to keep up with the meat at conditions between 36 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit, unless air-drying.

The sodium content in Tender fast can be extortionate for several recipes, therefore immerse the healed meats or seafood in cool water, then air-dry before cooking or grilling.

For dry-curing, mix Tender fast using the other components completely before you apply it to your meat or seafood. (more…)