How to Use and Create a Venn Diagram to Help Write Compare and Contrast Essays

Developing a Venn Diagram

When making use of a Venn diagram to write a compare and essay that is contrast first draw two big groups. Those two groups should overlap one another. Assign a name to each circle that represents each basic idea you might be comparing. When you look at the overlapping area, compose most of the items that the 2 some ideas, individuals, or things have as a common factor. These will likely to be that which you make reference to whenever you are comparing these basic a few ideas into the essay. When you look at the certain areas that aren’t overlapping, compose every one of the distinctions, or contrasts, between your two tips, items, or individuals.

Producing a plan from your own Diagram

A typical example of the start of the outline for the compare and contrast essay should be much like:

1. Both turtles and kitties make good pets.

  • a. These two pets are entertaining.
  • b. Both pets are relatively simple to look after.
  • c. Both pets are cheap to follow also to look after.

2. Both turtles and kitties have actually disadvantages.

  • a. Both pets have to have a cage (turtles) or a box that is littercats) that should be washed. (more…)