I am aware which he doesn’t love me personally and also this entire remark most likely comes down as super dramatic

I understand me and this whole comment probably comes off as super dramatic and cringy but i feel so stuck that he doesn’t love. everybody told me personally to maybe perhaps not join up with him but we thought i would be considered a genius and do so anyway. now right here I will be.

I understand we don’t really like him which is maybe not healthier become with him, but simply when I prepare to split up with him he can either will not split up, or let me know which he really loves me personally and I also have always been their fantasy woman and I quickly feel bad. i can’t do that. I have a complete large amount of other stressors in my own life and also this is excessively. i don’t know why i can’t simply break up with him since I have understand that i need to, I recently let him get me therefore upset and chicken out of confronting him. Also, some“blackmail” is had by him to make use of against me.

( absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing super severe, i don’t feel the necessity to get report him or anything., but embarrassing sufficient that I actually do maybe not trust him along with it) i had some videos against him, but he removed them down my phone so i won’t have actually anything. (more…)