No, perhaps not the mythical pony with a horn on their mind, but a unicorn in a sexual feel

This lady was actually surprised to find out she was expecting after a unicorn sex threesome.

I have intercourse with lovers – married people, involved partners, de-facto people

I am a unicorn. any kind of heterosexual couples actually, and I being doing it for years. Female just like me, that have sex with couples, are known as unicorns while we’re extremely uncommon and tricky to find!

For me as a bisexual woman, it’s been an effective way to obtain pleasure in my own love life, something I had been experiencing in my own own relations for a long time. Because I’m not at a stage where i’d like nothing really serious, romantically, the life-style enjoys suitable me personally perfectly.

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Having casual gender with heterosexual people matches my personal lifestyle. Graphics: iStock.

Unicorn gender is what Needs

You will find came across all of the couples that I engage with on the web via matchmaking software and differing sites. I express in my visibility that unicorn gender is really what i would like and this Im practiced on it.

I’ve found that expressing my personal knowledge can make most lovers convenient with involved in it too, particularly if it is their first time. Frequently, one other lady involved discovers my feel specifically reassuring; in some way that compatible myself perhaps not luring her husband or partner far from this lady (not too we ever before would). (more…)